Writing Assistance

We need clearer policies.

Of the WSDC-pointed events listed on the WSDC website, less than 50% have a posted Code of Conduct on their website and only 25% have provided instructions as to who to contact when an issue arises. We need to do better! It is difficult to keep attendees accountable to policies when those policies have not been made clear.

Policy Toolkit

The culture of a community or event is cultivated by the organizers provided clear guidelines about the space along with collaboration from the people interacting in and through that space.

Are you a local community organizer or national event director? Does your dance or event have a Code of Conduct? Perhaps you don’t have one at all, perhaps it’s missing key elements about how to report an issue and how that issue will be handled, perhaps it hasn’t received attention in a few years, perhaps it’s a generic one borrowed from somewhere else.

We’re happy to provide free resources to walk you through developing or revising your own customized Code of Conduct, personalized to your event or community space.

Policy Writing Book Club

Are you a local community organizer needing to build or revise your Code of Conduct? Participate in our virtual book club, where you’ll be guided through our Toolkit to help you and other organizers create an individualized document.