Let’s go, Class of 2023!

Our Three Programs

Judge, DJ, and Instructor

Each 1-year program is slightly different, depending on the scope of the role itself, but they all have one thing in common -- to train community members from historically marginalized groups to be prepared and available for roles in the community.

Each program consists of:
(1) virtual lectures and coursework
(2) a practicum period, e.g. apprenticeship by shadowing the faculty.

Applications for the Class of 2023 are due by 11:59pm PST on Friday, January 13th, 2023.Results will be communicated within 7-10 days of the application deadline, with an orientation kick-off in late January.


Training Advanced+ community members to judge at national conventions.

Kelly Casanova

Windsor, CA

Dancer since 1979

Judge since 1992

Andy Bouman

Oakland, CA

Dancer since 1989

Judge since 1997


Training community members with local DJ experience to set the tone for local events and national conventions.

Ruby Lair

Houston, TX

Dancer since 2004

DJ since 2008

Koichi Tsunoda

Austin, TX

Dancer since 2003

DJ since 2012


Training Intermediate+ community members to teach beginner and intermediate lessons at local and national events.

Jesse Lopez

Kansas City, MO

Dancer since 2012

Instructor since 2012

Ariel Peck

Kansas City, MO

Dancer since 2000

Instructor since 2008

We need people like you.