Data play a pivotal role as they serve as a compass for tracking representation, enable us to quantify the status quo, and measure progress towards our inclusive goals. Through data-driven insights, we can refine our educational efforts and also advocate for impactful policy changes, fostering a more vibrant and equitable dance community for all.

Demographic Survey

SwingDiversity offers to partner with events free of charge to collect demographic data. It is our belief that collecting data related to diversity and representation in the community is one of the first steps in assessing the current state of affairs and identifying opportunities for change and growth.

Annual Survey

Once per year, SwingDiversity launches an annual survey to identify current issues surround Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the West Coast Swing community and understand where we should focus our efforts. Over time, we will also understand how well we are accomplishing our mission.

Masters Checklist

Masters – those who are 50+ years of age – are valued members of our community, who do not always feel like they belong. In 2022, we surveyed the Masters community and asked the question, “What makes you feel like you belong?” Here’s what they said.