We celebrate diversity — it’s in our name! — and are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive environment where community members can bring their full selves to the dance floor.

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SwingDiversity is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit!

What's Going On?

  • Annual survey closes 9/15
  • Board applications open in Oct
  • SwingDiversity University application opens in Oct
  • Workshop at River City Swing, early Sep
  • Workshop at Atlanta Swing Classic, late Sep
  • Workshop at The After Party, early Dec

What can you do today?

Mission Statement

We strive to be an enterprise that represents the diverse people that make the community the best it can be.

Our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion is rooted in listening and acting. We humbly offer ourselves as an enterprise that will seek community opinion and act on their behalf as well as compile tangible resources and redistribute them equitably, sustainably, and transparently.

We seek to be problem-driven and solution-oriented by identifying the primary diversity-related issues facing the West Coast Swing community before designing solutions to directly address those issues.


Representation & Scholarship​

To address a lack of representation, SwingDiversity is committed to conducting outreach to recruit new community members from underrepresented groups as well as creating training and hiring opportunities for these historically marginalized groups.​

Awareness & Education​

To address a lack of awareness, SwingDiversity is committed to providing diversity and allyship workshops at major events as well as developing implicit bias training for judges.

Policy & Accountability​

To address a lack of accountability, SwingDiversity is committed to developing enforceable policies for local and national events.​