Meet the Team


Judith Asem, Ph.D.


Deon Harrell


Rassamy Mone


Tracy Wang

Tracy Wang, Ph.D.


Join the Leadership Team!

We are looking for five US-based Board Members to volunteer their time to fill the following five positions. You may apply to more than one position.

All Board members should be well-organized, detail-oriented, and communicative. One of SwingDiversity’s core values is integrity, and we expect to observe this value in our Board members. Currently, we expect to meet once (1x) at the beginning of each quarter for 2 hours per meeting.

Each Board Member will be the “sponsor” of the initiatives or projects that fall under its jurisdiction. Each initiative will have a point person and the Board Member will be responsible for facilitating those initiatives by working with the point person(s).

A Board member can also be a point person for an initiative. For example, Jane could be the point person for the annual scholarship initiative and also the Representation Board Member that oversees that area.

  • Annual scholarship
  • SwingDiversity University (SDU)
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) workshops at national events
  • Implicit bias training
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Safe Space Liaison training
  • Fundraising
  • Accounting
  • Grant Writing
  • Social media
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Data


Kaley Crump Thompson

Print Design

Kate Garboden


Join the Volunteer Team!

Would you like to be added to the list of volunteers? Here’s a list of our opened opportunities. To apply email [email protected] with Subject Line “Volunteer – [insert role title].

As a volunteer Event Data Collector, your role will be to assist in the collection of valuable data at various events held across the country. Your primary responsibility will involve working with the registration desk coordinator to collect completed demographic surveys that event attendees and staff complete upon registering. You will also be responsible for ensuring their safe shipment back to a designated point person. This volunteer position plays a crucial role in gathering essential information that will contribute to research, analysis, and decision-making processes.

As a volunteer Social Media Graphics Designer, you will play a vital role in supporting our nonprofit by designing eye-catching and engaging graphics for Facebook and Instagram. Using a provided Canva account, you will create visually appealing content related to event partnerships, fundraising opportunities, community resources, and other relevant topics. Your creative designs will help raise awareness, attract attention, and communicate key messages to our online audience.

As a volunteer Fundraising Liaison, you will play a vital role in supporting a nonprofit organization by spearheading fundraising efforts through partnerships with local dance organizers and individual donors. Your primary responsibility will be to engage with local dance organizers to host an annual fundraising event, as well as seek out individual donors who are interested in sponsoring workshops at national competition events. By leveraging your networking skills and passion for dance, you will contribute to the organization’s financial sustainability and the success of their programs. By taking on this volunteer position, you will contribute directly to the financial success of the nonprofit organization, supporting their mission to provide workshops and educational opportunities in the dance community. Your efforts in cultivating partnerships with local dance organizers and attracting individual donors will help sustain the organization’s programs and create lasting impact for aspiring dancers.

As a volunteer Scholarship Lead, your role will be to facilitate the application and selection process of our annual scholarship initiative as well as keep up-to-date records of opportunities as they become available and distributed. Your assistance will help community members gain access to resources that help reduce barriers for others to participate and contribute meaningfully in our community.